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Sam's Happy Ranch is dedicated to growing the best "natural" flower on EARTH! as seen on

At Sam's Happy Ranch we are dedicated to growing the best "natural" flower on EARTH!!! Located 4,000 feet above San Diego's North County in the "High Country" of Anza, Ca. You can taste, and smell the fresh mountain air and mountain spring water in every nugget of our naturally grown medical marijuana!!!
Our Master grower Sammy Ilich has well over twenty year's of growing experience under his belt!!!! This is no joke!!! Our So-Cal team has produced the best natural flower So-Cal has ever seen, smelled, tasted, or felt! Sam loves what he does and is dedicated to bringing you the best of his work.
We have dedicated our lives to the quality of our flowers! A pure healthy "natural" choice, that will never leave you dissatisfied, ever!
Sammy Ilich and S.H.R. have grown over 100 strain's to date and counting!!!
Sammy Ilich and S.H.R. have mastered all strains , from sativa, indica, ruderalis , and all manner of hybrid's. There is no variety of strain's , that Sammy and S.H.R. has not mastered and grown to it's "full" potential!!!
From indoor, greenhouse, outdoor/full sun ...Sam is the man! From leds, hps, mh, gavida, high output fluorescents, ebb and flow (bucket systems), flood tray's, aeroponics  , fish pond circulation, secret cabinet's, secret room's, tying down and even hanging pot's in avocado tree's to be undetected by helicopter's long before the day's of the MED card's ...Sammy HAS Done it all!!! 
Sammy also originally named a strain "Skywalker" over a decade ago and made it famous by giving it to famous weed advocates... Yes we said "Skywalker"! A man on the forefront of the medical marijuana revolution has now gone public!!!
Although Sam's Happy Ranch is a private nonprofit organization, YOU can try his personally grown medical marijuana through FOUR TWENTY FRIENDLY COLLECTIVE , San Diego's North County, now in 3 WeedMaps locations.
Our pure "solvent less" concentrates available through Soilgrown Solventless, owned by Sammy's nephew Phil Salazar. The owners of SASQUASH ROSINPRESS the official press of Soilgrown Solventless are Sammy's nephew's Matthew Ilich, Michael Ilich and Joel Thurman. 
We also have hash available thru Xavier's Extractions, owned by Sam's son, Spaso Ilich.
We are family dedicated to excellent quality and w
e love and care about what we do! Even grandma approves!!! All that LOVE we put into our work and products are conveyed by our RESULTS!

Now you the medical marijuana public are able to sample all the great flavor's we produce here at S.H.R.! With our weed maps five star rated delivery service in San Diego's North County (FOUR TWENTY FRIENDLY COLLECTIVE) you will not be disappointed with us because we actually care about you and the quality of our products! 
Thank you all for visiting our site and I wish you all MUCH LOVE!!! 
Sincerely, Sammy Ilich.

Sammy nor S.H.R. hold's any claim to ever have created any of these strain's shown on this site, although every photo is an authentic photo of Sam's work over the year's in our discography, in his own words he just simply stated..." I just made them mybitch!"/span>

Sam's Happy Ranch only operates in compliance with California State law's Prop 215, SB 420 & Prop 64

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